Benson & Hedges is now fully recyclable

Benson & Hedges now comes with fully recyclable packaging – all with the same fresh taste.

This is part of our ongoing commitments to reducing environmental impacts across our operations and supply chain in markets worldwide where it is legally permitted, transitioning from laminated foil packaging , to recyclable paper packaging from July 2023.

In the brand-new Benson & Hedges packaging, the laminated foil inner bundle — which keeps the sticks in place and uncontaminated will be replaced by recyclable paper.

The inner frame, initially in gold printed paper, will transition to recyclable paper, reducing resources utilized in printing gold.

However, the plastic poly wrap outside the pack will remain as it ensures the freshness of the product.

All the components of the packaging  are recyclable , and can be recycled by separating the plastic and paper and disposing them into their respective recycle bins.

BAT has a global ambition of making all of its product packaging 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable; in addition to achieving -25% reduction in waste generated, by 2025.

With this, we’re right on track on our road towards championing environmental excellence.