Our brands

Our consumers – adult smokers – drive everything we do. Our goal is to satisfy consumers’ moments better and more profitably than our competitors.

We invest effort and care in understanding consumer preferences, and we know that just as adults make informed choices about smoking, adult smokers make informed choices about brands.

Our brand strategy differentiates us from our competitors and underpins our approach to product development and innovation. While we continue to build a focused, segmented and differentiated brand portfolio catered to the ever-changing needs of consumers, our resources are deployed to offer a full range of brand offerings in key industry areas that offer the most robust source of volume and profit growth.

Dunhill leads in the premium segment while Peter Stuyvesant​ is a key brand in the aspirational premium segment. In 2017, Rothmans was launched in the ‘value-for-money’ segment, followed by KYO in 2020.

In 2023, we launched our flagship tobacco heating product (THP), glo™ along with matching consumables viio. We also launched Vuse GO Max under Vuse, our global #1 vaping brand.​