Youth smoking prevention

British American Tobacco Malaysia strongly believes that children should not smoke and we fully support regulation that prohibits under 18 year olds from purchasing and consuming tobacco products.

Since our business is about managing products that pose health risks, it is crucial that we take our responsibilities seriously. Our marketing strategies are founded on the commitment to market appropriately, only to adult smokers within the boundaries of the Control of Tobacco Product Regulations 2004 as well as our globally applicable self-regulating standards, the International Marketing Principles.

We have since 1996, via the Confederation of Malaysian Tobacco Manufacturers, been working closely with society, specifically the Malaysian Government, to reduce underage smoking. We have worked to contribute effectively to the prevention of underage smoking, supplementing our core activities of appropriate marketing, via working with retailers to block underage access to the product, as well as working with retailers and other key stakeholders on education aimed at increasing awareness of the issue and the relevant laws.

In support of the Government’s positive initiative to curb underage smoking and as part of our commitment to Youth Smoking Prevention, British American Tobacco Malaysia together with industry members has since 2010 replenished ‘No Sale to under 18’ signages to retail outlets nationwide.

Moving forward, it is our view that Government is best placed to raise public awareness on the issue of underage smoking and are encouraged by the efforts to-date. We continue to be open to working with the Government to support relevant youth smoking prevention programmes.