People and culture

Diverse, ambitious, driven and resilient – our legacy of excellence lies with our people.

The Challenge

BAT Malaysia believes that our people are our greatest asset. Our critical success factor as a business has always been our talented team of employees, whose collective experience, expertise, values and positive attitude have enabled us to achieve strong and consistent business results.

As the competition for good people intensifies, we continuously build an employer value proposition that resonates with the talent that we would like to attract. For many people, working for an organisation that understands its sustainable growth is deeply intertwined with the growth of its people, society at large and therefore the development of the nation. The desire for a rewarding career with international opportunities is, among many others, a compelling reason to work for us.

Our Approach

As a company that offers exciting opportunities for skill development and progressive careers, we believe that the first step towards creating a winning organisation is to attract, develop and retain a diverse pool of talented employees.

We are strongly committed to our talent to provide the best support and motivation to face the challenging operational and market environment in the tobacco industry. Our focus is on driving high performance; developing the next generation of leaders; valuing the diversity of our employees; encouraging and rewarding entrepreneurial behaviour; and creating an engaging culture where individuals and teams can be successful.

The culture of BAT is about developing talent from within, stretching and supporting the high performing managers who will lead the delivery of our business.

Providing a safe place to work, protecting our employees’ wellbeing and listening to their views are also fundamental. We are proud of having competitive reward & benefit programme, which is best in class for family and diversity related benefits.

At BAT Malaysia, we provide exciting avenues for employees to pursue other activities that engage, motivate and excite them. Participating in events such as company parties, company getaways, annual dinners and treasure hunts, we not only flourish together working as a team, but we also build long-lasting bonds by playing together as well. Despite our nature as a multinational company, we operate like a tight-knit family and celebrate our successes together as a cohesive team.

Bring Your Difference

We are driven, strong and ready to deliver above and beyond our call of duty. We turn challenges in to opportunities, lead from the front and are personally committed to deliver our strategy. We are constantly looking for individuals who want to shine, to develop, dare to achieve the remarkable, and not afraid to stand up for challenges and explore new thinking.

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