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Our approach to personal development is based on a simple belief - that the person who best knows your ambitions and aspirations is you.

We aim to support your development. You will find that we invest strongly in people to increase their skills, improve their performance and stimulate them with new ideas. We are committed to motivating people so that they can also motivate others.

But we also believe that you are the best person to map out your own development. We expect you to drive regular career discussions. We encourage you to assess your strengths and weaknesses honestly and to solicit feedback from your colleagues. We count on you to make continuous learning and the quest for improvement a part of your personality - to be hungry for new ideas, skills and assignments.

Your manager will play a key role in this and you will play a key role in developing the careers of people reporting to you.

Our managers assess individual capabilities and place a high priority on development planning. They set stretching performance goals, which are regularly reviewed. The discussions focus not just on what you achieved, but how you achieved it and what you have learned along the way.

We know that to retain high quality managers, we need to provide them with challenging assignments that enable them to grow professionally. All development opportunities are based on merit and may include assignments to different parts of a function, to a different function or to a different country.

Career development tools

Career planning benefits both you and us. It helps us to build succession plans that mesh with your own aspirations – making them more accurate, reliable and robust.

We encourage you to spend quality time thinking about your career and we have highly developed tools to help you. We're prepared to invest significant time reviewing your career and meeting your development needs to ensure that your potential is fully realised.

British American Tobacco holds annual Talent Review Meetings are chaired by the Group's Board members for all regions and functions around the world. These meetings aim to ensure that there are good succession plans in place that takes into account the individual's needs and that of the future shape of the organisation.

We invest time in these forums because we're committed to developing your career and because in our business, individual performance matters.

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