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We provide the support you need to forge your own path and the opportunity to develop your own unique footprint.

We recognise that getting the right start is crucial to building a successful career. This is how we approach your early training and career development. 

InductionFunctional DevelopmentProject ManagementBusiness AwarenessLeadership DevelopmentPerformance Appraisal
The induction gives you the opportunity to learn about our company, objectives, products and markets.Developing a base of excellence in the function into which you have been recruited.Developing managerial competencies needed in your future roles.Gaining an understanding of the overall business and appreciating the role played by each function.Developing your leadership capabilities through functional attachments, supplemented by formal leadership training courses.Giving you regular and constructive feedback to ensure that you achieve the defined standards for the Global Management Trainee Programme.

First impressions count. The induction gives you the opportunity to learn about our Group objectives, products and markets. It introduces you to our corporate guiding principles and culture, the role of each function, and industry issues in your country. You will also be acquainted with our products and how we market them.

Functional development are the platforms on which you develop a base of excellence in your chosen function. We will clearly explain what we expect of you. Then, with support from your personalized coach and your mentor, you will set your objectives and work towards achieving them in order to meet the needs of the business and your personal development.

You will develop essential project management skills with both formal training and on-the-job experience. We provide the opportunities to take leading roles in projects which truly impact and value-add to our business goals.

We also expect you to develop business awareness, an understanding of the business beyond your own functional and geographical area of responsibility. Planned cross functional and cross market business assignments allow you to gain exposure to best practices of other functions & countries.

It doesn’t stop there. We expect you to question our existing ways of working and to bring positive change to our business. We’ll provide you with opportunities to challenge our practices, a receptive audience and the feedback you’ll need to build your knowledge.

Leadership development is also included in functional attachments, supplemented by formal leadership training courses. These capabilities will prove invaluable in your future management roles.

We monitor your success through regular performance appraisals at pre-determined checkpoints to accurately measure your progress. We give you regular and constructive feedback to ensure that you are aware of the standards you should aim for, and also that we can tailor your development to your needs.

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