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Preserving natural forest and growing trees makes a positive contribution to reducing our carbon footprint.

An afforestation programme was initiated in 2002 in line with British American Tobacco Malaysia's commitment to ensure it sequesters more carbon dioxide (CO2) than the amount generated by its operations to reach carbon neutrality. The programme is located in Forest Management Unit (FMU) No. four, in Ulu Tungud, Sabah.

Three years later, a total of 1,503 hectares of various species of trees have been planted in FMU No. four, resulting in a total of 150,000 tonnes of CO2 being sequestered by the year 2006 in comparison with 33,942 tonnes of CO2 generated by our business in the year before.

Following this, a further 770 hectares of trees were planted in 2007, making the total hectarage planted since 2002 amount to 6,467 hectares. This is the equivalent of 8,858 football fields. Over the years, the afforestation programme has sequestered more than 172,500 tonnes of CO2.

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