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We are committed to following high standards of environmental protection and adhering to the principles of sustainable development and protecting biodiversity.

We recognise quality, environment, health and safety as among the key elements to ensure sustainability in our business operations. To achieve this, British American Tobacco Malaysia employs rigorous and transparent environmental management systems and strives to continue enhancing them. We seek to control and reduce our environmental impacts using the '4 Rs' principle: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover.

Key highlights of our environmental performance


In 2016, as part of the continuous drive for energy efficiency, a total of 150 units of florescent lights were removed from the Wrapping Material Warehouse A (WMS A) and its air-conditioning supply was switched off during the night shift operations.  With these simple changes, the Company was able to reduce its electricity consumption by approximately 94,608 kilowatt-hours and 131,400 kilowatt-hours respectively.  The Company also installed a timer for the lighting at the Leaf Warehouse (MLS1& MLS3) which saved 68,620 kilowatt-hours in electricity consumption. In addition, by increasing the air conditioner temperature from 23.0 to 24.0 degree Celsius at the Leaf Warehouse and switching off the TMCI plant’s lighting at night, the Company was able to reduce its electricity consumption even more by 33,600 kilowatt-hours and 100,740 kilowatt-hours respectively.

Waste management

Biofilters are used in the Company to organically remove odour from exhaust gases released to the atmosphere from our factory operations.

Water management

In conjunction with World Environment Day in June 2011, British American Tobacco Malaysia installed a rain water harvesting tank in the factory premise. This tank operates to collect rain water directed from the factory area. Built from recycled water tanks, it has a capacity of 2,200 litres. Harvested rain water is recycled for use in daily cleaning of our waste disposal area and management of factory waste processes.

The rain water harvesting system is projected to reduce domestic water consumption by 100,000 litres annually.

Air, atmosphere and noise pollution management

The Company has installed acoustic curtains and erected a noise enclosure around the air compressors in the factory to reduce overall noise emissions.

Managing our operations responsibly

British American Tobacco Malaysia’s commitment to embed environmental responsibility throughout our business operations is aligned to the principles outlined in our Global Environment, Health and Safety policy which aims to apply the best international standards of practice in all aspects of its operations throughout the British American Tobacco Group.

All of British American Tobacco’s operating companies worldwide are required to:

  1. comply with all applicable national and international laws and regulations affecting their business activities.
  2. establish procedures for assessing and reviewing the EHS impacts of present and future activities on a regular basis.
  3. seek continually to identify proactive and cost-effective measures which it can take to safeguard the health and safety of its employees and non-company personnel on company premises and the physical environment.
EHS Mentoring Programme

In 2008, our three year Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Mentoring Programme was developed with the objective of benchmarking key business partners’ EHS standards against that of the Company’s and to share with them our business expertise and best environment, health and safety practices.

The Company's business partner, Benkert (M) Sdn Bhd who is our service provider for tipping paper, was identified for the EHS Mentoring Programme two years ago and is currently in their final year of the programme.

Best practices in our factory

Factory emissions
Factory Emissions

Final polish: Special Tundra peat from Europe

British American Tobacco Malaysia possesses two bio-filter plants in Virginia Park, Petaling Jaya to treat our factory emissions before being discharged into the atmosphere. We took a step further in this treatment process by installing a special Tundra peat bed imported from Europe. The Tundra peat bed is the final polish in our treatment process as it acts to breakdown the emission smell biologically.


We were the first private company in 2006 to send non-hazardous wastes to Recycle Energy Malaysia in Semenyih for conversion to refuse derived fuel pellets. All our hazardous wastes are sent to Kualiti Alam Facility in Bukit Nanas Negri Sembilan for disposal. Liquid wastes from our operations are treated by our in-house Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), which is in compliance with Standard B of the Department of Environment (DOE) requirements.

In November 2013, the effluent treat plants were reinforced with more effective bio-treatment processes.

Please refer to our 2006 – 2008 Social Report  and our latest Annual Report  Opens in new windowfor more information on our Environmental Management initiatives.


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