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In line with British American Tobacco Group's policy and the growing emphasis in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), British American Tobacco Malaysia established a CSR committee to review the company’s management of CSR which includes the monitoring of alignment with the Statement of Business Principles adopted by the Company.


  • The CSR Committee shall comprise members of the Top Team.
  • The Chairman of CSR Committee shall be the Managing Director.
  • The Corporate Affairs Manager shall be the secretary of the CSR Committee.
  • The CSR Committee will report to the Board via the Audit Committee and to the Regional CSR Committee.

The terms of reference of the CSR Committee are as set out below:


The CSR Committee will review the Company’s management of CSR and this includes the monitoring of alignment with the Statement of Business Principles. Monitoring of compliance with the Standards of Business Conduct shall remain the purview of the Audit Committee.

The CSR Committee will seek to focus on the Company’s social and environmental performance whereby social and environmental risks and issues or weaknesses of significance are to be identified and appropriate and timely action is being taken to address any of the same. The CSR Committee must also serve as a forum which demonstrates that the principles of CSR are effectively embedded throughout the company.


The CSR Committee is authorised by the Board of Directors to review activities within the Company, which fall within the ambit of the Company’s management of CSR. It is also authorised to seek the information it requires from management in order to fulfill this purpose.

The Managing Director will be the relevant catalyst as his knowledge will ensure that the CSR Committee has access to all relevant and pertinent information.

The CSR Committee in performing its functions is also authorised by the Board of Directors to secure external independent professional advice and if necessary, the attendance of third parties with relevant experience and expertise, as well as parties from within the Company.

The Corporate and Legal Affairs Director will report significant CSR performance issues and risks to the CSR Committee and provide the CSR Committee at each regular meeting with status reports.

The CSR Committee will meet at least twice annually.


Specific areas of concentration are to ensure there is due process for:

  • Identification and management of key social and environmental issues;
  • Identification of and engagement with key stakeholders;
  • Monitoring efficiency and effectiveness of CSR management systems and controls;
  • Ensuring the reliability of social and environmental performance management information;
  • Monitoring alignment with the Company’s Statement of Business Principles;

Detailed objectives are as follows:

  • To review that the Company has implemented procedures in relation to social and environmental issues, and that these are instituted and carried out by management;
  • To review reports from British American Tobacco Regional CSR Committee which may have an impact on the Company or regional or global implications;
  • To report matters of significance to the Board of Directors, through progress updates to the Audit Committee, at least once a year;
  • To evaluate the performance of external third parties engaged for CSR activities/projects;
  • To review and approve the Company’s Social Report before its publication.
Representatives with Internal Audit

Representative from the Internal Audit may be invited to attend the CSR Committee meetings and be heard on any CSR matter which affects the Company. Internal Audit shall also have direct access to the Chairman of the CSR Committee on all CSR matters.


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