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British American Tobacco Malaysia believes strongly tobacco should only be marketed to adult smokers, and never to anyone under 18,  in an appropriate way that takes account of the risks posed to health. We also believe adults who have chosen to smoke should be able to receive information about what they buy, and we should be able to communicate appropriately with them about our brands.

Our consumers – adult smokers – drive everything we do. We invest effort and care in understanding their preferences, and we know that just as adults make informed choices about smoking, adult smokers make informed choices about brands.

Our marketing is not designed to 'sell smoking'. That would be wrong. We are working in a long-established, mature product category, where people already know what the basic product is. There would be no commercial sense trying to market to informed customers who don't want the product.

Our marketing is about our brands; retaining the brand loyalty of our customers, and winning them over from competing brands. Our brands are amongst our most important assets. Why would we not take care to position them intelligently – to adult consumers who have chosen to smoke?

As well as complying with all laws and many voluntary codes on marketing, we have for many years been guided by a clear set of marketing standards. However, society’s expectations about tobacco marketing continue to evolve and so does our approach.

Our marketing today is governed by British American Tobacco’s voluntary International Marketing Principles and our local Malaysian laws.

In Malaysia, the marketing principles should be read together with our local laws - Control of Tobacco Product Regulations 2004.

Read more about our voluntary International Marketing Principles at Our principles and standards page.


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