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The British American Tobacco Malaysia recognises the importance of maintaining transparency and accountability to its shareholders and investors.

The Board therefore maintains a dialogue with shareholders directed towards ensuring a mutual understanding of the objectives of British American Tobacco Malaysia. The Board also ensures that all the Company’s shareholders are treated equitably and that the rights of all investors, including minority shareholders are protected.

Annual Report

A major channel used by the Board to provide its shareholders and investors with information on its business, financials and other key activities is the Annual Report of the Company, which contents are continuously enhanced to take into account developments, amongst others, in corporate governance. An essential aspect of an active and constructive communication policy is the promptness in disseminating information to shareholders and investors. The Company sends out the Notice of the Annual General Meeting and related circular to shareholders at least 21 days before the meeting as required by the Companies Act, 1965 and in order to facilitate full understanding and evaluation of the issues involved.

Where special business items appear in the Notice of the Annual General Meeting, a full explanation is provided to shareholders on the effect of the proposed resolution emanating from the special business item. Prompt and timely release of financial results on a quarterly basis enables shareholders to have an overview of the British American Tobacco Malaysia Group’s performance and operations and make informed investment decisions.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the principal opportunity for the Board to meet the shareholders of the Company and for the Chairman to explain the Company’s progress and receive questions from the shareholders. At the AGM, shareholders participate in the deliberations of the resolutions being proposed or on the British American Tobacco Malaysia Group’s operations in general. 

More information is available to all investors from the Investors section of this website.


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